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Standing Strong – Because you have no other choice

My life has gotten so much better in the last few years and I am still in the struggle but I do know that I will do this no matter what it takes. It is such a different life and future when you see your struggles and pain as what makes you. I am creating the journey to be what I want not what the world around me tells me it is. The struggles I have every day are my life and I choose to face them with the love and understanding I have always wanted to. I kept waiting for it to happen when all along I should have just been doing it. I have all the knowledge of survival it’s now time to practice what I have been storing and waiting for.

The pain and struggles have never gone away it’s just how I stand up and face them. I don’t have any other choice but to be strong but the fact is the I AM and just need to move into the space to allow the appreciation and gratitude to take over.


Just when I think I have a handle on things a complete setback comes through. My husband’s mother passed away and created a tremendous emotional trigger that crippled me for a little bit. The thing about though is I am able to get back up so much more sooner than ever before with a new determination to not let it take me into that deep dark place I used to live in this time of year. Death is a part of life and we all have to move forward after it takes our hearts.

I have changed and my strength shows with my ability to rise above the trigger and make my day what I need it to be not what it seems to be. Through my tears and pain I Thank God I am alive and have my blessings.


I waited so long to have something happen to get me into the life I wanted and the place I needed to be. I never realized that it was all up to me. Just like Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. I had the ability all along. 🙂

I will make it through this tough time just as I have all the others. This time it is with a strength I have been denying and a love for myself and my life. I hope this time is a good reflection time for you and that you can move into the new year with a new look on your life. Have a wonderful weekend and a joyful New Year’s Day.


See you next year. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. You have spoken my heart.Happy New Year Frances💖

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