Join My Tribe

I went through a dark place in my life within the last few years and that is where my concept of my journey back comes into a reality within my space. Through my journey I have begun to look within myself and find those things that feed my soul as interactions with drama and unnecessary negativity do not. I have begun to further my interests into things that have always interested me but I never had the time or the motivation to begin to enjoy.

I am creating new things and old ideas all the time and love to teach, and share with others that are interested in the same goal. If you are interested in joining my tribe than this is the place. If you join my email list I will be sending out patterns and other information when I feel the need. I won’t be consistent and won’t hound you but will include you. 😊

My little space will grow as I find what peaks my interest and feeds my soul. You are welcome to stop by and visit whenever you like.