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Being Busy with Life

Been a bit since I checked in because I have been busy. That’s an amazing thing today. I made it through the darkest part of the season with only one serious trigger. Every day I am amazed at where I am and can honestly say I have made it. The journey is still a daily struggle but one I embrace instead of dread.


I made it through my first time hosting an Arts & Crafts fair in my town. It wasn’t very big and there wasn’t a large crowed but it was still a success for me. It turned out just what I needed to know that I can do what I want to do with my life without worrying about anyone or anything else getting in my way.


It was not without triggers but I was able to handle them better than I ever have. A death of a extended family member threatened to crass my mental health but Thank God I am in a place with a support system to help me through and recover quicker than I ever have back to the place I worked so hard to build.

I now settle down and am in the process of enjoying my holidays a little more this year. I do not do holidays well but I am allowing myself to enjoy those around me that make my life worth living.

I look forward to what I am going to be able to build even more to just continue to add to my strength to come to the place to create the journey rather than just survive it.

I thank you very much for choosing to be a part of my journey and hope you continue to stop in for visits when you get the chance.

I will start creating more YouTube videos for my Creation Corner Group on Facebook to teach my techniques of beading. This has become a definite positive influence in my positive outlook on my future.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Make 2020 the best year yet.


Thoughts and prayers


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