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Healing in Disguise

Being in disguise would mean that you can not see what is really there. My healing seems to be happening that way as a result of the trigger from 2014. I am healing from my trigger creating a wall of deceit that I am still in that deep, dark place of despair. Every day I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself I am healing and life is goIMG_7722

It is not a devastating feat anymore it is actually becoming a sign of a blessing that I am alive and am blessed to have the opportunity to continue my journey. The end of the year always creates a reflection mindset in me. I have actually had a wonderful year and have accomplished a lot including this blog and website, My YouTube channel that gets excellent reviews constantly and a Beading Circle group on Facebook that I am enjoying immensely.

The dark place is there every day but my struggle to see through them and live is getting easier and I am able to recognize my healing in a way I have needed since I starting this journey to recover.


I have moved forward and challenged myself in ways I would have never imagined by participating in the Basket Weavers class, creating my videos and providing a series of beading classes locally. I will continue by hosting my first Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair that I would like to see grow and become a awesome annual event. Things I never thought could ever happen in the dark.

I will be turning 60 in January, 2020 and am so thankful that I am healing to a place to enjoy my life right now. I think I have everything I have been praying for during my journey so now it is time for new goals and new endeavors for the next year.


My life has always been something worth fighting for but now it is feeling like I am making some serious progress that makes the struggle to continue the journey even more rewarding. I am not saying that it has become any easier. It is still a very difficult fight for my life but I wouldn’t have it any other way right at this moment. Helps me truly see how strong I am and I can do this.

I have new videos on the YouTube channel and will be working on an awesome Native Christmas ornament set for the craft fair.


Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.


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