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Renewing the Mind

Life is made to be lived, enjoyed and treasured not run from. It is a battle to come back from the dark. It takes all my strength to rediscover what the darkness stole. I am though. I am actually seeing what is possible and want to continue to discover myself again. It actually allowing me to see and allow the person I was even before the childhood trauma.

I took part in a local Flea Market on Saturday. It was not financially successful but gave me the safe and vulnerable chance to be out in the community. I did choose to go to one that I don’t know anyone but it let me experience being around people in a small dose and a comfortable environment. It was a good thing and gets me ready for the next step of my own Craft Fair. I will have a few more beading classes before than that also give me the chance to put myself back out there and practice my skills of living.


The main thing that is taking place is allowing myself to be okay when someone around me or the situation I am in triggers me. I can now just be okay and know that I do not have to react with fear, anger, and bitterness that is automatic from the past survival mode. I am realizing who I am and remembering who I am when I am triggered is how I can claim back my life.


My world is still a struggle but the best part about it is it is a choice I make to be better.

I am beginning to get sales and orders online and my business is getting better. I am able to manage it and want to continue to get myself up and motivated to continue. I did get an amazing video done last week for Rock Your Mocs. I made myself a pair of moccasins for the first time in about 30 years. I think I like me and will continue.

Thanks for stopping by and wish you a wonderful week.


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