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Finding The Center


Welcome to my space. This week has been an emotional struggle. I am normally in that constant struggle but because I am moving into discovering how to get through that dark tunnel it kind of stirs up all the gunk I have let build up around me and I am learning to find out what is reality and which is old residue.

I have started Bio Feedback in my therapy. What an amazing tool. I found my center for the first time and was able to see it on the screen while I was feeling it. It was absolutely awesome. I look forward to finding my calm, center and be able to access more. So amazing to finally have all that old stuff out of my way to explore my world from a better place. Finding my center will be my next step of my Journey.

This week’s tutorial is going to be how to make Baby Newborn Moccasins.

2019-08-24 11.02.43

As I was making the video and getting together better patterns to use I became aware of how important it is to find the center of so many things including ourselves. I have not had much success with meditation but getting my tools ready and finding that center will change a lot of things for me. And creating these beautiful Newborn Baby Mocs are a great way to sit and concentrate on something other than your problems. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by this week.

Lim Lemtch, (Thank you in the Coeur d’Alene language)


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