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Creating My Safe Space


We all need to feel safe and have a place where we can relax to enjoy our lives. That is what I am working on creating for myself. I began a year ago when we moved in our new home on our property after losing the old one to a chimney fire. I have been blessed to be able to fill my home with things that make me happy. I own almost 200 house plants and have enjoyed creating my space to feel good. I am known to some as the crazy plant lady.




Now I am working on my inner self to create that same kind of safe place for me. So that I can continue in my recovery journey to that Wise Mind and present living.

So this next week I will be focusing on BPE (building positive experiences). I have to work hard at this since I have lived a life of survival and now am concentrating on being alive and content with where I am. Just quoting affirmations doesn’t do anything for me. I have to connect the words within an affirmation directly to something real within me or my life or they are just empty words that waste my energy without results. Sometimes I even have to reconstruct the affirmation into words that connect to me. For instance the word “Joy” does not resonate with me. I have to replace it with “Happy” since I don’t know what Joy feels like. I am sure I have felt it but never knew what it was. I am learning, especially by having my grand babies around me. I am blessed to have them every week. They help me learn and grow much easier.

My PTSD comes from childhood trauma and it stunted my emotional development at a very young age and I never learned what normal emotions were. All I ever remember experiencing were anger, rage or submission to the environment.

I have made many attempts to try the recommendations of meditation, stillness and mindfulness. I could just never get ahold of the process. Since I have been introduced to the “Wise Mind” concept it has broken through to me and now I can find out how I can finally work on bringing my Reasonable and Emotional mind together so that I can live right here and enjoy my life and all the emotions that come naturally to others. My struggle to come back to life is finally becoming a reality for me. It is still a struggle but I am finally able to see and experience it as “being alive”.

My creativity level has increased since I started thinking about where I want to be within myself. Starting to find enjoyment in my days and what I am blessed with.

Next week’s tutorial for YouTube will be my Circle Feather Earrings using the two needle method. They are a pretty and easy project and I enjoy making them.

2019-02-10 18.55.26.jpg

Thanks for stopping by and if you ever have any comments and/or suggestions I would be more than happy to have them or open to sharing my experiences and knowledge. Hope your next week is successful and enjoyable.



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