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Finding My Way Back


Well I have been absent for a bit. I am sad to say my mental battle has been stronger than my desire to share and take part in outside. I have been creating though so I have not given into the battle completely. This is a difficult time of year for me and my struggle gets a little more difficult. Thank God that I have come as far as I have and do not fall as I used to into the dark hole of depression.

As I said I have been creating and it is still an outlet and survival tool for me. I have been making some little things to stir my creativity and keep me moving. Small things can do big changes for me. I used some things I have had for a long time, such as metal studs and beads, to create something new. Helping me keep in my mind that the past is not always a bad thing and those things I have saved can do me much good if I use them right.


My videos were kept up so I believe I hung on through this struggle better than I ever have before. I can do this. Thanks for stopping by and check out my videos if you get a chance.

Thank you,



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