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The Wise Mind

2019-08-09 04.50.52

I created this place for myself to allow me to share, learn and express myself. It became a frightening intimidating and daunting experience. My self esteem wouldn’t allow me to move forward with it. She kept saying that no on cared and were not interested in who I am and what I love. I wanted to have a place to talk about my journey into the present from the dark hole I have been emerging from for the last 5 years. Explore what it was and how I can continue to heal my scars.

After a severe PTSD trigger in 2014 from a seriously dysfunctional workplace, I had to have intense EMDR therapy for 2 years to help me come back from a very dark, dismal and dangerous place. I started with high hopes and let it get the best of me and did not follow through. I couldn’t let it go though. It constantly came through to me as something I needed. Thank God I didn’t give up and here I am. I have started to make my path to what is called the “Wise Mind”. Not the crazy out of control emotional wreck I was in the past that was in a constant chaotic panic and not the logical, analytical and unfeeling brain that doesn’t allow me to be right here and experience my life. The Wise Mind allows me to be right here right now and feel what is real. My happiness is what I make for myself so join me in the journey.


I created my Facebook page as a format for my beadwork and creative side of life. When I created the website and started blogging I didn’t even understand what I was doing and didn’t realize that they would connect. Now it will give me a way to have to figure out how to work at tying it all together. My new YouTube channel will become part of the family and allow for another avenue for expression also. I am striving to increase my self esteem and hopefully create a safe place for me.

I am looking forward to this blogging thing to be good for me, finding my way through the social media to enjoy and share the things in my life that I have found to make my life better. I have chosen to make myself vulnerable to all who will listen. Big step for me and want it to be a healing experience. For those who stay welcome, those who choose to leave God Bless You.

This week’s project for my YouTube video will be a tutorial demonstration on how to make my turtle keychains.

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My Mental Health will be focused on being right here in the moment and feeling what is real and not what my mind made up.

Thank you for being here and I look forward to sharing with you.



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