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The Journey Goes On

I am still figuring out things on the computer and within myself. I have come to realize that at this time in my life I have everything that I want and need. I am basically retired, have my beautiful grandbabies at least 4 days a week, have a strong start on a good foundation for the future in my new home and the ability to express myself in my own way.  I really had to sift through all the haze to realize it but Thank God I have the knowledge and ability to do it. I am continuing my PTSD recovery and breaking into the world of Social Media. I have accomplished starting a YouTube channel and started selling kits and supplies to make my video items. I am loving the start to a new world. Having a creative outlet that is just me allows me to enjoy others for their place. Stop by and visit my website, YouTube and Facebook they aren’t much but they are all mine.

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