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Using My Mess as a Message

This was my birthday week and I have had a wonderful time of reflection and appreciation for my blessings. I haven’t posted for over 6 months. I never forgot about the Blog. I actually think about it daily but just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it and what purpose I had for it. I may have interrupted my Blog Posting but fortunately did not stop in my healing journey. I began with the goal of learning to love myself to take my healing journey to a new level. I no longer have to struggle so much with the dark depression anymore. Every year I can feel the release of the dark to let in the light.

When I started this whole website thing it was just a dream I had to make a connection and maybe make a different in others lives that are looking for a way to begin or continue their own healing journey. I also wanted to share my skills and knowledge of Beading and Crafts with others. This and all of my Social Media endeavors have brought me so much joy and healing that I never knew was possible. I have connected with so many people on many levels. Many times it is a struggle and I still battle with my gremlins but it still continues to support me and I Rise up Stronger every day. I have spent my time getting stronger and learning more about myself. I having been searching for my Truth and my Identity during my Blogging hiatus. It has been a very interesting journey. When I became more selfish it benefited the world around me. The more I love myself the more the world around me gets the best part of me.

This week gave me even more of a blessing because it was my birthday week. As I reflect where I am in my life I can see how far I have come in healing my Mind, Body and Soul to enjoy the day. I spend every day thinking about where I am, what I want and where I want to go. This keeps me from worrying, and staying in the places that feed my dark places. Anyone no matter where you are can get yourself into a new space that only you can create. It doesn’t matter what you are facing there is a way for you to find your way. It was a battle for me to get where I am. Don’t get me wrong I am still working on things every day but now I see it as my life and purpose. When I heal myself others around me are touched by the light of my path. I can remember long ago within my darkness time I began by doing one thing different every day and that helped me climb out in order to be able to find my way. Your path begins with putting down new stones of healing every day.

It begins with small simple steps to find your way. Just making your bed every day shows some love for yourself that you care enough about yourself to do that.

I have been learning to calm the storm within me and focus on keeping that calm and not be concerned with the storm out in the world around me. When I focus on calming my inner storm everything else takes care of itself. My God and Source have already taken care of tomorrow. My job is to align myself to the path that has already been set for me.

I am so grateful that my Creator has already set everything into place to create my journey before me so that I can live the best life I choose to live. I look everyday for the guidance that I need to continue to learn how to find my way. Whenever I need something or want to learn something new it is always brought to me at the right time. Sometimes right at the last minute. I have learned a lot about myself in the last 6 months and learned many ways to move forward in my healing journey. I asked for the answer to my identity search and  I have been blessed with my next steps.

Here is an example of what was given to me to learn to find out my identity and how it is necessary to accomplish anything I choose to do in my life. If there is anything I want to accomplish in my life I just need to examine it with this concept. When there is something I want to do I must find a way to get it through to my mind, body and soul. No matter how small it is.

When you have something you want to accomplish think about what is keeping you from doing it. The lies that you believe about it and you. For example, I have been trying to create a sacred space in my home. That means everything around me needs to feed my soul and support my positive feelings. I want my surroundings to create good feelings in me and help me stay in a good way throughout my day. I have been creating a routine of support in my days to help prevent those things that don’t feed my soul from opening the way for the dark negative thoughts and feelings to come back in and get stronger.

I decided that I wanted to have good mornings so I thought about what things cause my discomfort. I do not like to walk into a messy kitchen in the morning. It adds to my depressive tendencies that could start a downward spiral in my mind and takes my body and heart down too. I have changed my evening routine to include cleaning my kitchen every night before bed so that I can walk into a positive clean space every morning. Such a small gesture just for me has made a tremendous difference.

Deciding what I believed about why I feel so down in the morning. Why do I put off taking care of my space? thinking about what I believe about it is my mindset. I never thought it made a difference. Thought it was just doing the dishes and was something I have always regretted since I was young. A chore that was disliked. So the lies I tell myself can be changed when I change my mindset by making a new truth.

The truth I choose is that I am worth taking care of. If I make the effort to clean my space at night it helps me feel better in the morning. I deserve to be cared for. Once I state my new truth it’s a change to get the motivation. When my head and heart came together in the new truth the inspiration to put into my night routine is to care enough about myself to clean my space and make it something that supports me instead of hinders me. Once I decided to take care of myself and took the initiative to put an action into place it just needed a small simple step to do what I needed to. The first simple step was to never leave anything in the sink before bed. Now I have come farther to be sure the counters and stove are cleared. The steps to care increased over a few weeks of thinking of myself before I go to rest. When my mindset and methods came together it was a result of the belief that I can do it and it does make a difference. The implementation was bringing that motivation inline with a method. When my mindset, motivation and methods come together it is integrated into who I am, what I want and what I can do to get it. That’s my identity. Bringing my my mind, heart and body together to feed my soul. Integration of my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are who I am. My true identity in any situation.

To find your way to anything you want to accomplish go through the process of finding where you are in it. Find the lies and change them to the truth. Determine the purpose of the goal. How will it make you feel when you have done it. Find the energy, ask what is one simple thing you can do to get there and be grateful you are able to do it. Being grateful adds energy to your efforts. Once you are getting into the flow of it then keep your momentum with small simple steps. Don’t overwhelm yourself with accomplishing immediately let the process work itself out. Be patient with yourself. You can use this same process for anything you want to do. The healing in your life begins with you turning within and loving yourself.


If you are willing to get on with it and go through the process of seeking your identify in everything you do you will feel much more fulfilled in your days. It truly helps me keep my mindset right here right now which lessens any depression no matter how deep your are.

I have had such a great time growing in my Social Media endeavors throughout 2022. I was able to give them more focus after I finished my huge button order for the National Button Society. It was a major undertaking and I have mixed feelings about it. It was much easier than I anticipated but took much longer than I expected. 500 hundred buttons that took me 1 year and 9 months to finish. I have agreed to no longer share the images because they are a surprise to the members for the 2023 conference. They are a National organization and it’s a small world.

My Beading Circle Facebook Group has grown to almost 3,000 members and the ZOOM sessions are growing too. I have been so blessed by this group. They allow me to share my skills and knowledge and give me such great support and’s encouragement. I have been asked before why I share my knowledge for free and I know that what I have is a gift from my Creator and was given to be shared not sold. I do have an income from my endeavor so it provides me a way continue at no cost, but the enjoyment and continued learning I receive from sharing is more valuable than a monetary amount. My shop here on my website, my Etsy shop and my custom orders provide me with my needed income to continue to provide my services. I always welcome the support my followers and subscribers give me. If there is anyone here that is interested in supporting me you can join me by scanning this code and buying me a coffee. You could also become a monthly supporter to help me in my endeavors. I greatly appreciate my supporters.

My YouTube channel has grown to over 6,000 subscribers. The Live ZOOM sessions with the group has helped my channel to grow. I enjoy spending time with my group members and they tell me it is a helpful experience for them too. If you have not visited my channel yet please do so and I hope you enjoy the videos  I have posted there. I plan to get more focus and work at getting more consistent and get my website under control this year. That is one of my goals I will use my new identity process to work on. I am feeling the great success I have been blessed with and will continue to work at getting better. All of my projects started as just ideas over 3 years ago. At that time I never thought I would ever be where I am now. I feel victorious in my healing journey and feel like there is still so much more for me to learn, share and accomplish. I think what I am and all I have are all things that are for me to share. When we give of ourselves we are blessed in return in greater measure.

I have come a long way from 2014 when I experienced my severe PTSD trigger that shut me down mentally, physically and emotionally. I have come back from that deep dark place and would love to share with others and help you to find your healing path. I want to help use my mess as message to start your own journey. It’s a new year and I look forward to learning more about how to find my Truth. I will be starting a Talking Circle when I find enough people interested for anyone who wants to come and experience the healing of sharing. Look for the button to subscribe here on my website.


I am always open to your comments, ideas and suggestions for the direction I can go with my support for your journey. Let me know how I can help in any area you need my support and encouragement. Thank you for stopping by and Blessings on you and yours this new year.

Lim Lemtsch,

Frances Arapis

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