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Staying Strong When Chaos Takes Over

It has been awhile since I checked in. I guess I have been trying to keep myself in order with the country’s crazy situation. I am doing surprisingly well considering how my anxiety and panic would over run my reality in the past. I still struggle with getting through the day but I am not having an unreasonable time getting through the day.

I continue my days just like always. I have been living in chosen isolation for sometime to get stronger in my healing journey, so the present day situation is not causing me to react in a panic or uncertainty of the rest of the world. Thank God for my journey and what it has recently brought me through so that I can be strong through this uncertain time.

I still have times when my anxiety tries to come through but my coping skills are strong enough for me to get through and get relief much quicker. I am now able to calmly make it through my days without the fear of a trigger or fear of what’s to come. I feel so much stronger and more at peace than I have in several years. I have fought hard to get here and can honestly say “I will survive in peace”.

I can wake up every day and practice my gratitude for everything I have learned, let go and built stronger. I pray I continue on in the reality that I continue to overcome my demons everyday because I have built a stronger me. I am still struggling with the pain and tension in my body but it gets less and less everyday I am able to relax and trust in the process I am in.

I am trying to get through all of my beadwork orders so I can relax and just do some things that I have been wanting to create. I get ideas all the time. I just can’t quite seem to get through them because I keep accepting new ones. That’s not a bad thing. I squeeze in a YouTube video and make something for when our Museum is allowed to open to accept my gift shop items.

I have been adding things to my website shop and in my beading circle group on Facebook for those who are unable to get out to get what they need. Fortunately the mail services have not stopped yet.

The situation is difficult for everyone but it allows me to practice my ability to settle into a trust and faith mentality that is what making my days easier to live. I love how I am able to handle my struggle and difficulty with a stronger sense of confidence in myself and my journey. All my thanks goes to my God for my strength and healing every day.

I pray you all are safe and healthy and continue to be through this trying time for all of us. Thanks for stopping by and if I am of any support or inspiration to you in any way I also thank you for letting me into your world.

Frances Arapis

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  1. It’s inspiring to read your journey and I thank you for your courage in allowing a personal view. Margaret

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