I went through a dark place in my life within the last few years and that is where my concept of my journey back comes into a reality within my space. Through my journey I have begun to look within myself and find those things that feed my soul as interactions with drama and unnecessary negativity do not. I have begun to further my interests into things that have always interested me but I never had the time or the motivation to begin to enjoy.

Plants and gardening have become among my new obsessions. They have boosted my self esteem and given me new focus on what can take place in my life and I can expand my knowledge and interact in a more positive social environment. When I lost my home to a house fire in February of this year I lost all of my house plants. Now that I have been blessed with a new home I have not only increased my love for plants but also my plant collection. I found a new obsession on Facebook with all of the plant groups there are and began the hobby of trading plants with others. I have made many friendships through plants and my home is much more inviting and comfortable to me with all the greenery.

I have always wanted to be a gardener but never had the space and time. With the loss of our home the property was basically destroyed and a garden was not a possibility. I have decided I would feed my desire by starting and indoor garden to grow veggies and a salsa patch. Sounds like a huge undertaking but I want to give it a shot.


This space will grow as I find what peaks my interest and feeds my soul. You are welcome to stop by and visit whenever you like.