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Clearing the Air

The struggle to breath the new life and clear the old air continues. The difference today is that I can choose to move forward in a new way working at loving myself. I make a conscious effort to work at it. I didn’t realize that I had already learned many of the ways to walk this journey many years ago but was side tracked and stepped off that track when I moved home to the reservation in 2003. I had been working at this stuff before and kind of got lost on the way. It was the severe trigger in 2012 in my workplace the put me on the track back to my journey of healing. I now continue to work on my journey and realize I have always had whatever I needed and just need to tap into it.


I had done a lot of healing work before I moved home. I think that the false belief that I was okay and was “just fine” led me off the track and when I left the path got lost into many things that were not in my best interest. Thank the Creator that he never left me just waited for me to come back. The trigger I had, caused me to be able to dig much deeper into myself and heal from my past in a way that I had always been looking for and didn’t know it. I don’t know that I would have ever tried that intense of a healing without the severity of the pain the trigger brought to the surface. I have since been on my healing journey and it gets easier every day.


I choose now to use my pain and struggles to heal in ways I have always dreamed of. I have learned new and deeper ways of healing myself and now I see myself as a stronger and more loving person that I choose every morning to grow into.

I know that there are many people who could do the same with love and support that was never available to them before. I look forward to being able to help anyone that needs that support and learn the skills to begin their own healing journey to peace within. I think that is something that I am being called to do even if it just through my teachings and creating.

I am now learning to expand my teaching to other Social Media platforms and want to find ways to reach out to anyone that wants to learn. I struggle with technology but commit myself to learn how to utilize this form of connection to share my knowledge, skills and teachings. I am trying to learn how to reach out to those who follow me here and have joined “My Tribe” with a newsletter. It’s a challenge and I am determined to find a way to provide the information soon. I have been blocked lately by my own self sabotaging thinking that I can’t do anything unless it is already perfect. None of us are perfect and I should just jump in and learn along the way. I can provide many things while I am learning.

I finished my first basket hat and am very proud of my accomplishment.


I absolutely love weaving and have put it into my daily schedule to give me the joy I need in my day. I have a morning routine that helps me to connect with myself and what I enjoy to start my days better to handle whatever comes along. I still get triggered and struggle with life but am practicing the skills I am learning to help me grow stronger and be happier right now and not wait until it’s perfect. I am working on my second one now and it’s such therapy to me. I love trying new things and enjoy having the time and opportunities to do them.

I have started a ZOOM account and record the Beading Circle Sessions we have every Sunday. If group members can’t make the session they still get the information.



It has been an experience learning how to do this but I think a great way to share our Beading Circle Sessions with everyone. They are added to my YouTube as I am able to edit.

I am learning how to create reals to Instagram to share tips and tricks.

Now to spend some time trying to figure out how to do my newsletter here for those of you that Joined My Tribe.

I would definitely like to share my steps to healing journey to if anyone is interested. I know that I am now feeling better than I ever have in my adult life of struggle and would love to support others.

Well I am sending you all thoughts and prayers and hope that your time here was worth it for you. If you any comments or suggestions please feel free to share with me and support each other in our lives. Thank you for stopping by and hope you return again.

LimLemtch (Thank You)


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