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Life goes on with or without you. Get up and enjoy your journey.

I have been away for a bit but life continued and there were many things to enjoy, endure and learn. So many things happened that I wanted to report but my struggle took over and I put it off. I was absolutely blessed when my sister recommended me to take part in a Basket Weaver’s conference as a Featured weaver. It was an experience that kind of put me through a roller coaster of emotion but one that was just exactly what I needed in my journey. I went and taught how to make my Pine Needle Weave Earrings with great success. I even sold many kits for those who could not get a spot at my table to learn. Many of them come from an area that do not even have Pine Needles so they were thankful I had kits and my YouTube video for them to use.


The experience helped me to step out and use the coping skills and show myself how much I have grown in continued on my healing journey. I have had many break throughs in the past year and this is proof to myself that I have overcome and can enjoy my healing to myself again. I lose sight of my progress when in the day to day struggle and need a stepping out to see.

My journey is becoming easier and I can see and feel things I never have before. Going through the hard work of coming back from trauma has been so worth the pain and struggle. I have had to go back onto medication but for a good push forward and not because I am falling back. It seems I need to calm my body down and get it out of the fight or flight mode that I have been living in. My body is not able to let go of the protection mode so I am unable to push forward in relearning to live in the now. When I calm my body down than I can begin to experience and learn to utilize my coping skills and enjoy my days instead of wanting to avoid them. My future is brighter and I have begun to move forward to working on my dreams and visions for my life instead of waiting for it to happen.


My fight to return from the darkness that overtook me is becoming a success and now is my life experience rather than a burden.

I am now looking forward to my next stepping out and have decided to try and see about doing selling as a vendor. I will be making items to sell at a local flea market in November and will be organizing my own Arts & Crafts sale in December. I still struggle daily with my insecurity, unsuredness and inability to just rest in the moment but I am determined to conquer it. I will be working on many things and will have them available for sale in my creation corner as they come available.



As always I enjoy sharing and if you ever have any questions feel free to email or come join my new Teaching Facebook group, Creation Corner-Beading Circle It a nice space for me to learn to feel comfortable sharing with others and grow my confidence. Thoughts and prayers for my journey and thank you for stopping by.


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