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Half full or Half empty?

I just love that I always find exactly what I need to get me through the struggles of my life. I have been in a limbo state in my life. I have everything I need or want in my life. A brand new home, and a loving husband and the blessed opportunity to stay at home and care for my grand daughters. My life has become an adventure into a place that I have never experienced. The opportunities for my success and happiness are available to me to utilize as I choose.

I have daily writing prompts sent to me in my email daily. I have been in a struggle with myself to try to find the right mind set to allow me to enjoy my life, my blessings and strive to continue on with my goals to succeed in what I want to accomplish. So today the concept has been given to me. The old question of what your perception is when looking at a half full glass.

The metaphorical story about how one perceives the glass is a perfect depiction of the shift I need to make in my mind set to allow me to move forward in my journey back. People refer to themselves as being a type of person in viewing of the glass showing the eyes we look through. Do you see your glass as half-full or half-empty shows how you see the world.

I have lived my life looking at the glass through half-empty eyes which is a perception of lack and what is missing from my life as a result of the past trauma, experiences and choices. It has resulted in my coming from a position in life of expectation and entitlement. I learned some time ago within myself that my depressions and disappointments were as a result of my expectations.

I expected others to treat me the way I treated them, love me the way I loved them and be as loyal to me as I was to them. Because this is not a reality I was sorely disappointed again and again and this functioning fed my depression and anguish.

Today I choose to shift into the half-full consciousness, I want to perceive that there is something in that glass. I choose to be grateful for what is in the cup. I will count my blessings and not wake up with entitlement and expectations on others or my life. I am truly blessed with my new life and will go forward with that sight. I will continue to look at all of the elements in my life that are in place and all the things I have working in my life. This does not mean I will settle and not seek more in my life. It actually opens the door for me to search for those things that make my soul happy. I will be coming from a place of fullness. This fullness will draw the positive and will add to my law of attraction that I work on accomplishing in striving for the abundance in my life.

The start would be to imagine my life when I began my journey back as an empty glass. This is the life when my past trauma was triggered and I sunk into my dark depressed place 4 years ago. My glass actually did become completely empty because I shut myself down and secluded myself from everyone and everything. Now I will open myself to the empty glass I accomplished to find again through hard work and perseverance I will now open my mind sight to begin filling my glass with all the people, I have chosen to let back into my space, the things I have been allowed to keep and the space that I am creating at this time and all that I choose to make up my life now. I think I will be pleasantly surprised at how full and maybe even overflowing my glass already is.

Thanks for stopping by to visit and hope you can empty your glass and start to put back what you already and want for tomorrow.


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