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The Struggle is Real

Boy this blogging and website thing is tough. I want it to work but the process is difficult. Every time I work on something to move it forward I just get more confused. It is starting to wake up my inner geek. I used to be able to figure out everything but my setback just wiped out my self-esteem. Maybe the struggle I am going through is away for me to get that strong confidence back that I used to have.

I find that everything that I go through eventually brings me around to a new discovery of the old me before my triggered trauma. I am considering to begin writing my auto-biography for therapeutic reasons. My life is starting to feel like I have been missing. Yeah I think that is the goal of the month. To start to write my way back. I have been using my writing to find my way back from the pain so I believe I will continue.

This week is when I am going to start bringing back my beadwork. I have been getting requests for my work and have completed my home enough to settle in and start my business back up. Well stop by once in awhile to see the progress.


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